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U1131 Team 1

Team 1 is directed by S. Giraudier and gathers 5 groups dedicated to a translational research in myeloproliferative disorders (MPNs and JMML) with specific skills in foetal hematopoiesis, epigenetics and animal models. 


Group 1: Stephane Giraudier (MD, PhD), Jean-Jacques Kiladjian (MD, PhD), Bruno Cassinat (PharmD, PhD), Nabih Maslah (PharmD, PhD)

Our team aims at delineating the mechanisms of BCR-ABL1 negative myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) emergence and evolution. Leaders of this team are dedicated to both clinical and biological management of MPNs since more than 20 years and are the head of the Integrated Center for MPNs at Saint-Louis hospital (http://hopital-saintlouis.aphp.fr/centre-integre-des-neoplasies-myelopro...). In the recent years we have addressed several aspects of the disease (places of molecular alterations in MPNs, role of the JAK2V617F mutation in endothelial cells, identification of senescence as a new therapeutic option with IFN alone or in combination with arsenic) and initiated or participated to several clinical trials in MPNs.

Models dedicated to a translational research for a better understanding and management of MPNs: Patients samples, patients-derived cell lines, patients-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), murine models (transgenic and transplantable), primary cell cultures, next generation sequencing, lentiviral transduction, cell sorting and microfluidic single cell DNA analysis.

Currently our projects are focusing on the modeling of normal and pathological (JAK2V617F mutated) stress hematopoiesis, the bone marrow microenvironment of MPN patients, and the relation between clonal selection and patients’ outcome or response to treatment.


Group 2: Fabien Guidez (CRCN, PhD), and Patricia Krief (CRHC, PhD).

F. Guidez is the Director of the MaNEP epigenetic platform labelized Aviesan. After 15 years, in the US and the UK as a postdoc and team leader (Recipient of LRF Bennet Fellowship in 2003), he joined the U1131 unit to develop his research on the regulation of Heterochromatin formation and maintenance in normal and cancer cells.

As abnormal epigenetic landscapes and mutations in the epigenetic machinery are increasingly associated in diseases/cancer and largely influenced by environmental exposures, we have recently developed new technologies to assess their impact on pathogenic mechanisms. These technologies are developed to address issues of scarce samples at diagnosis and during disease progression and treatment (biomarker/surrogate marker monitoring) as also preclinical studies (in vitro and in vivo). We are studying several epigenetic regulators (e.g. CBP, TET2, ASXL1, EZH2 or DNMT3A) in the context of several hematopoietic diseases, and also the role of the stem cell epigenetic factor PLZF (essential for germ cells and hematopoietic stem cells maintenance). Our main project is to understand the impact of the dysregulation of epifactors by chemical/environmental exposures (e.g. benzene) or specific mutations, and to characterize their effects on stem cell epigenetic patterning and on heterochromatin/retrotransposon regulation.


The group is now focusing on:

-  establishing the role of epigenetic regulation in the protection of stem cells to environmental stress

-  describing the differential gene expression triggered by differentiating drugs and epigenetic agents on epigenetic regulators and stem cell genes

-  identifying novel disease/safety biomarkers, characterizing epigenetic signatures for drugs or environmental xenobiotics in order to assess oncogenic risks


Group 3 : Rose Ann Padua (Emeritus Director of Research, Ph.D) previously Reader at the University of Wales College, UK of Medicine and Deputy Director of the Leukemia Research Fund Preleukemia Unit. As a Fulbright scholar, spent 18 months in the laboratories of the Nobel Laureate Michael Bishop at the University of California San Francisco, USA; was a Consultant Clinical Scientist with the NHS at King's College Hospital in London, UK, where as the Head of the Minimal Residual Disease Section she set up their molecular diagnostics program for adult leukemia; is a molecular biology consultant for the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency. Previously Chair of Working Group on novel therapies of European COST action and animal models Work Package for the European Leukemia Network. 

Her research focus has been on developing animal models to understand the biology of myeloid malignancy and to use these as preclinical tools to evaluate targeted therapeutic options.  The most innovative of the approaches under development is a DNA based immunotherapy strategy.


Group 4 : Michèle Souyri (DR Inserm) “Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and stromal development during human embryogenesis : application to pediatric ALL”

Our group is interested in deciphering the cellular and molecular events controlling hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) generation and amplification of adult-type in the fetal liver (FL) and bone marrow (FBM) during the first two trimester of human development.

The cross-talk between HSCs and stromal cells of the various niches during development has also an important impact on HSCs features. To get further insights into the biology of fetal HSC, we therefore established stromal cells cultures derived from human FL and FBM at, and from pediatric/young adults BM. Phenotypical, molecular (RNA seq) and functional characterization, together with the comparison of their respective capacity to sustain long-term hematopoiesis and promote HSC expansion, is under study.

We translated this fundamental research to pediatric diseases such as Fanconi Anemia (collaboration with Pr J. Soulier) and JMML, in collaboration with the group of Dr Hélène Cavé in our unit, and now to pediatric B-ALL, in collaboration with the team of Dr Halfon-Domenech (IHOPe/CRCL, Lyon)


Group 5: Hélène Cavé (PUPH), Aurélie Caye (PH), Elodie Lainey (MCU-PH), Marion Strullu (MCU-PH)

Our research interests stem directly from our hospital activities on developmental diseases and paediatric leukaemia at the Robert Debré Children's Hospital, with a focus on 1) germline and somatic diseases associated with pathological RAS/MAPK activation, e.g. RASopathies and juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia (JMML), and 2) the link between ontogeny and leukemogenesis in childhood leukemia.

JMML is a rare myeloproliferative and myelodysplastic neoplasm that occurs in infants and young children and is considered a model of RAS-driven oncogenesis. Our works contribute to uncover and describe JMML-predisposing genetic conditions (e.g. Noonan syndrome, CBL syndrome) and to better understand JMML leukemogenesis.

By studying the genetic landscape of JMML, we have highlighted the critical role of a limited number of pathways including the PRC2 and RAS, further underlining the privileged association between RAS signaling and JMML leukemogenesis. By combining genetic and cellular approaches and xenotransplantation models, (coll D Bonnet, Crick’s Institute), we then sought to identify the leukemia initiating cell within the hematopoietic hierarchy, and also within ontogeny (coll. M Souyri). Indeed, the early and specific age window of onset of this leukemia argues in favor a role for developmental hematopoiesis. Our hypothesis is that some of the fetal physiological characteristics of haematopoiesis, either endogenous to the hematopoietic cells and/or originating from the microenvironnement, are subverted in infant leukaemogenesis. Through these studies we hope to help design new therapeutic approaches in this dreadful leukaemia but also to gain a better understanding of RAS-driven oncogenesis.


Our research works are conducted in collaboration with the Genetics and Pediatric Hematology-Oncology units of Robert Debré Hospital and with national and international networks in the field of leukemia (I-BFM, ESHLO, TRANSCALL) or RASopathies (NS_Euronet).


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